Oprah was born by Chance, her name was given to her by accident after being misspelled in her birth certificate from the character (Orpah) in the Old Testament’s book of Ruth.

Her pregnancy wasn’t planned, her mum was a teenage girl who by “one chance” became pregnant and gave birth to a girl who was once raped and even later became pregnant before her fifteenth birthday. She could have been a whore.
But that girl Changed her Chance by Choice and that girl became Oprah. Oprah Winfrey is the first black billionaire, the most influential and until just a few weeks ago (after her retirement) was the richest woman on earth and inAfrica right before the Nigerian Woman Folorunsho Alakija!

The 3 C’s are Choice, Chance and Change. The quality and success of your life and business would depend on how you react to them. Sometimes things happen by Chance, but it’s our Choice to take that Chance and turn it to something that’d Change our world.
In the Hexavian theory of the 3C’s, whether life or business, don’t let things happen to you, let them happen because of you.


On Choice, choose. Unknowingly, even indecision is a decision. It is a decision not to decide. Choose to be Hexavian, choose to add value. Decide. Choose to ask what we always ask, how can we add more value, how may we help you?

We are Hexavia!

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Eizu Uwaoma for The Hexavian Team