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I’ve always been concerned about our inability to grow strong trans-generational businesses in our part of the world. This book answers why, but more importantly equips you with principles to build one.
-Ezekiel Solesi –Author, The Game of Money and Host LIMBsimple’s Enterprise Development Conferences, Transcorp, Abuja


This informative manuscript does well to reiterate certain fundamental principles that should be applied by individuals for success to be achieved in business. Thumbs up to the author and team.
Charles Idem– Business Analyst, contributing editor, Forbes Magazine, Africa.


Eizu is definitely a phenomenal writer. His lucid style of writing is noteworthy; never lacking in content and delivery. I love how he carefully lays out a detailed process flow to starting and sustaining a business enterprise that will outlive its founder. A must read for every entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur-
Bankole williams -Author- Engaged to the Job I Hate. He is a life coach and corporate trainer.



“Take this book and read with an open mind to savour the contemporary but ageless wisdom which should assist you in moving to the next level of evolution- thoughts, insights, and life. So engage, ponder, take action and add more value to humanity”.
-Seyi Wright- Former Nigerian bank MD, author of the book Choose to Make a Difference and the CEO of Leadership and Vision Ltd.



This is a very detailed and interesting read! Highly recommended for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike! The Hexavian laws of Business should be every business man’s handbook to success, if you look to attain success, growth and general knowledge as well as the laws and principles of business. This is a must read.
– Lynxxx- International Pepsi Ambassador, artist and CEO of Syndicate records.

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