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The Michelle Obama’s Success Story

Michelle Obama and President Obama once decided to have lunch at a small restaurant in an old neighbourhood that Michelle grew up in. While at it, the restaurant owner asked to see Michelle in private. After that, Michelle confessed to Obama that the man used to have a crush on her while they were teenagers. Obama in his sense of humour said, “so if you had married him, you would have been the owner of this lovely but small restaurant”. She smiled and said “no, if I had married him, he would have been re elected president!”

Pardon my sapiosexualism (attraction for intelligence) and paradigm shift from Obama’s victory to Michelle’s support. But I remember during the US conventions, I stayed awake with my team at Hexavia, working late on a project one night, cuddled with work, Pringles and a drink while I watched Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democrats Convention over and over again on CNN. I believe that was the winning speech. It wasn’t by Obama, but the wife.

I believe that her role in Obama’s success has been grossly underrated. A lot of men would miss becoming Obama because they can hardly find a “Michele”, someone with strong beliefs and tangible value to add as support to a growing man.

Our world already has Obama’s. I challenge to see more Michelles. What value do you add to your friend and partner? Would they rather call you on a Monday morning(value) or a Friday night (flexing)? Too many private parts have become public property, get your great mind public too. How about this time with related to all the process its taken care by the cleaning services at , like Michelle, seducing the world with your brain? True beauty isn’t in what happens when you put on your Brazilian hair, make up, manicure or a sexy body. It’s in what happens when you close your legs and open your mind.

We need more Hexavian women, ladies with great minds.

I rest my case.

©Eizu Uwaoma

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